Learning Technologies for the Classroom - SEMINARS

ELTA is pleased to announce that the program “Learning Technologies for the Classroom”, a series of one-day professional development seminars, will be offered to teachers all over Serbia this Spring.

What is “Learning Technologies for the Classroom”?
It is an exciting teacher development program designed and run by Serbian teacher trainers for Serbian teachers! It has been accredited by the Minister of Education of the Republic of Serbia.

Who designed it? Who Supports it?
Serbian trainers – secondary school teachers who successfully completed an ELT Training Course which was organized with the cooperation of the British Council and ELTA. The programme is supported by ELTA and the British Council.

Thanks to the support of the British Council, the fee for a one-day seminar is free of charge.

Where will the seminars be organized this year?
We are planning to organize 15 one-day seminars. The program starts in April and ends in June. If you are interested in attending “Learning Technologies for the Classroom” seminar, please contact our coordinator or Regional Centre.

1. Knjaževac 26.4.2014. Valentina Nikolovski, Dušica Simić Regionalni centar
rcsu.knj@gmail.com T. 019 731 920 

2. Niš
26.4.2014. Dragana Milanković. Nataša Jonović Regionalni centar
pvioleta@gu.ni.rs M. 069 2966515 

3. Kikinda 10.5.2014. Maja Jerković, Marija Lukač Regionalni centar
csukikinda2@gmail.com  T. 0230 404 830 lok. 107 

4. Smederevo 10.5.2014. Ivan Ilić , Milena Tanasijević Regionalni centar
M. 064 1994 348 

5. Kragujevac 10.5.2014. Aleksandra Sekulić, Jelena Krstanović Elez Regionalni centar
czsu.kg@gmail.com M. 060 55 988 00 

6. Kraljevo 10.5.2014. Željko Andrijanić, Miloš Đerić Gimnazija teacher73yu@gmail.com

7. Užice 11.5.2014. Katarina Ristanović, Miloš Đerić
Regionalni centar
milena.vicevic@rcu-uzice.rs   T. 031 512 580 

8. Šabac  24.5.2014. Ivan Ilić,  Zorica Jovanović Regionalni centar
T. 015 392 350 

9. Novi Pazar 24.5.2014. Željko Andrijanić,  Marija Lukač Regionalni centar
info@rcnp.rs   T. 020 322 822 

10. Kruševac 24.5.2014. Nenad Miladinović,  Biljana Pavlović Regionalni centar
slobodan.colovic@csu.edu.rs T. 037 445735 

11. Leskovac 31.5.2014. Valentina Nikolovski,  Biljana Pavlović Regionalni centar
csuleskovac@gmail.com M. 064 897 3950 

12. Valjevo 31.5.2014. Valentina Gavranović, Danijela Serafijanović Tehnička škola 

13. Subotica 31.5.2014. Gordana Klašnja, Marija Lukač Gimnazija 

14. Beograd 31.5.2014. Nenad Miladinović, Ivana Milošević 

15. Novi Sad 7.6.2014. Gordana Klašnja,  Ana Tripković

Find more info here: http://elta.org.rs/seminars/tkt/


Ed2.0Work European Competition 2.0

Using Internet & mobile apps in education

How do you use technology, apps, games or Web2.0 tools in your teaching?

This is your chance to show your great ideas for teaching to the world and win prizes and a expense

paid trip to present your ideas at European Conference in the Applications of Enabling Technologies,

2014 20-21 November 2014, Glasgow, Scotland;

We can’t wait to see what you are doing.


The Ed2.0Work European project is looking at how Internet technologies and mobile apps can be
used in teaching.

We are running a Europe-wide competition for teachers. You can show us how you are using
technology to enhance your teaching.

You need to be innovative and communicative and can show your ideas on a video. We do not need
lengthy text explanations.

FIND MORE INFORMATION HERE: http://sigs.ed20work.eu/groups/how-enter