Reaching- English is a project that started in January 2009 as a website for all learners and English language teachers. Our only goal was to gather as much information as possible about the English language in one place. Today we have a new address http://reaching-english.blogspot.com/ but our goal remains the same.
   Reaching-English’s aim is to give information regarding the most recent courses and upcoming seminars, webinars, conferences and competitions. We also share useful web tools and advice about using technology in the classroom.
   In the resources section you can find interesting ideas and useful advice for your classes. Here you can not only find interesting ideas for classes we have chosen for you, but also a great deal of material you have chosen and suggested. You can also get information about ongoing English language courses, employment and professional development.
  If you need additional information about publishers, magazines, interesting websites, you can find them in the links section.
   Feel free to send us your ideas and suggestions, comments and news. Thanks to you this project lives and stays up to date. You can find our e-mail address in the contact section, and if you add your e-mail address to the mailing list you will get the latest news about Reaching-English.

About author

   Marija Jović is an English language teacher and she has been teaching for 10 years. She has also held a workshop in Jagodina during the 2nd International Conference: CLIL in Teaching Young Learners and a workshop in British Council, Challenges of Teaching Gifted Students – Challenging But Fun. Apart from teaching, she participates in running different educational Facebook groups, teachers' forums and websites. She loves using different technologies and browsing in search for useful ideas for her lessons. She also writes articles for Microsoft Serbia newsletter, about using technology in teaching. She is an award winner at national competition Digital Lesson and at Ministry of Education organized and Microsoft Serbia sponsored national competition Creative School, but one of her dearest competitions is a global Project Competition where she successfully participated with her students. She loves her job, her supportive colleagues from Serbia, her students and she is very interested in further professional development.  Her wish is to travel a lot and learn about other cultures.