Lesson Jamming - A Model for Planning Lessons in Groups

Lesson Jamming - A Model for Planning Lessons in Groups

Tom Heaven
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Lesson planning is just one part of the job that many teachers do alone. Jamming is what musicians do when they play as a group in an improvised manner. Lesson jamming combines these two, with the purpose of bringing teachers together to create lesson plans in groups.

Two central beliefs mean that firstly, there is a lot to learn from (and teach) our fellow teachers, and second, the sparks of creativity can be found in groups, given the right conditions. Tom will discuss what a lesson jam is and how to run a session. He will then explore past experiences and plans for future sessions that you can get involved in.

Tom has been living in Berlin and working as an English teacher for four years. He is a member of the Berlin Language Workers’ Grassroots Association, with which he ran the first lesson jams sessions.

Join this webinar to learn how you can join a group with other teachers to let the creativity flow.


12 August (Wed) 3pm (UK Time · Change)

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