The lingustic discoveries of 2012

Tweet seats, eye broccoli, subway salmon and many others.

Every year, new words and phrases slip effortlessly into our informal language, often to stay there for generations, and, as a philologist, Adam Jacot De Boinod can confirm that 2012 has been no exception.

Here are a few of his favourites from the past 12 months. First appearing in newspapers, broadcasts, the electronic and social media, they have rapidly moved into general use.

All have the virtues of brevity, wit and invention – and there’s no doubt many of them are here to stay.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2254592/Why-Jenna-Louise-Coleman-reem-Gollum-eye-broccoli-The-lingustic-discoveries-2012-guaranteed-stop-Qwerty-nosedive.html#ixzz2GYRAvyNf

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