Using authentic material in the classroom

Dear colleagues,

We are happy to invite you to a presentation titled “Using authentic material in the classroom”.

The venue is American Corner, Kragujevac, (Zorana Đinđića 10/3), date - March 28th (Friday), time – 5.30 pm.(starts 5.30 pm, finishes 6.30).

Presenter: Branka Dečković, English teacher, Medical school, Kragujevac
Here is the abstract of the presentation:

It is much easier to teach with a course book then to bring your own material. Nevertheless, using authentic material is far more interesting for me, and for my students. Authentic material is everywhere around you – newspaper article, scene from a movie, song, poem, picture, painting, graffiti - anything can be used as teaching material. In this workshop I am going to present some of the authentic teaching materials I have used with my students. I am sure some of them might work for you as well.

Wondering if you are going to get any points?… Well, this is so called “horizontal professional development”, so, yes, you are going to get 2 points, and a certificate of attendance J

I am sure you can spare an hour of your free time, come to hear what’s in it for you, and exchange ideas.

American Corner Kragujevac
Dr Zorana Đinđića 10/III
34000 Kragujevac
+381 34 300020

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  1. Bilo bi lepo da se nesto slicno organizuje i u Nisu, recimo upravo u Americkom kutku.