“Tech Tools for Busy Teachers" and "Authentic Assessment" - Workshops

Dear colleagues,

If you are going to ELTA Conference this May, you have probably already seen the programme and chosen the talks you are going to see.

If you are not going to the conference, I’m sure it is not because of the lack of will, it has probably something to do with the lack of means. I guess I don’t need to remind you of that L

What I wanted to say is that you still have a chance to hear some of the speakers J

American Corner in Kragujevac announces two workshops next week.

Branka Deckovic - workhop "Authentic Assessment", May 11th (Monday), beginning at 6pm.

Deborah Healey, one of the plenary speakers at ELTA Conference - workshop “Tech Tools for Busy Teachers", May 13th (Wednesday), beginning at 6pm.

If you wish to attend these workshops, you can reserve your spot, just confirm your presence at one of these two emails branka.decka@gmail.com, kragujevac@americancorners.rs, or this mobile 060 70 70 886.

See you there!

“Authentic Assessment”

Authentic assessments are on-going assessments, reviews and observations. Teachers use authentic assessments to improve instructional methods, to see how effective our teaching is and what change we need to make. The students, on the other hand, are involved in evaluation process, they become active learners, they are motivated and encouraged to develop their approaches to learning.

Branka Dečković has been teaching English for 11 years. She works in medical school in Kragujevac. She likes using authentic materials in the classroom, and she is interested in assessment.

“Tech Tools for Busy Teachers"

This session will demonstrate useful websites that can help teachers to plan, organize, and create material for their classes, plus group project sites. The emphasis is on free resources that are easy to use and that will let teachers improve what they do without spending a lot of time.

Dr. Deborah Healey has taught English and trained teachers for over 35 years. She currently offers online courses for teachers internationally through the University of Oregon’s American English Institute and teaches in the Master’s program in Linguistics. She has presented extensively internationally on technology in education. She is a co-author of TESOL Technology Standards: Description, Implementation, Integration, lead scriptwriter for the ELT game, Trace Effects, and a member of TESOL International Association Board of Directors.


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