Speaking and Writing – Exam Preparation and Assessment

OUP Global Webinar, 24th November 2011

Some of the most common problems faced by students taking the speaking and writing papers in exams stem from a lack of fluency, accuracy and confidence. How can we help students to generate ideas and opinions, use a variety of vocabulary and structures correctly, and sustain these in extended speaking and writing tasks?

There are plenty of basic areas to be tackled too in preparing our students – making sure they understand and answer the question, are as accurate as possible, and have the techniques for planning and managing their time. And, of course, they'll need the confidence to perform on their own, without you there to coach and prompt them!

In this online seminar we'll look at how to make the most of the material and features available as part of the exams preparation packages from Oxford. In particular, making sure students get enough practice both in and out of class, the benefits of using the online 'Speak and Record' function and the ability to submit and redraft writing tasks.

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