TeachMeet is an unplugged event or an infomal gathering of teachers who want to share their ideas, their enthusiasm and their best practices. The main idea is that teachers learn from each other.

This informal way of professional development is taking the education world by storm. TeachMeets are becoming more popular and are organised in different countries around the world. Unfortunately not all of us can participate - merely because of the physical distance. That's why we believe that TeachMeets ONLINE will bring together all the teachers who want to share their ideas and their creativity with the rest of the world, no matter where they live, what language they speak or what age group or subject they teach. What matters is passion, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. And of course, Internet access.

For TeachMeets ONLINE we use the Adobe Connect Pro software or Live Meeting, which allow us to record the TeachMeets and make them available for later viewing.

Watch the video recording by visiting this website: http://mod.carnet.hr/index.php?q=watch&id=1762

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