6th Virtual Round Table Web Conference on language learning technologies

Dear all,

Yes, it starts tomorrow!

The 6th Virtual Round Table Web Conference on language learning technologies is about to begin with 79 guest speakers and a 48 hours of program over 3 days.

At 1pm GMT (2pm London time) on Friday, 17 May 2013, the conference organizers Heike, Shelly, Berni, Steven and Jennifer are going to open the virtual doors with a welcome address.

This is followed by four keynotes: Nicky Hockly & Gavin Dudeney, Sirin Soyoz, Angelika Guettl-Strahlhofer and Dr. Thomas Strasser.

The program is available here:


The conference is free of charge and we thank our sponsors and exhibitors for keeping it this way:

English360, EnglishCentral, ExamEnglish, GapFillers, iTDi, LinguaTV, Oxford School of English.

Upcoming keynotes are: Miguel Mendoza, Evelyn Izquierdo, Hayo Reinders, Paul Driver (LTSIG Event), Joe Dale, Steven Herder, Barbara Sakamoto and an inspiring closing keynote by Shelly S. Terrell.

All of the main sessions will be livestreamed on facebook and on a livestream channel for those who do not have a facebook account.

Further highlights of the conference are...
a Southamerican Symposium organised by Jennifer Verschoor
an Asian Symposium organised by Steven Herder
a panel discussion on CEFR 'Is your B1 my B1?'
presentation by 'Disabled Access Friendly' campaign
presentation by 'The NO Project' campaign
the LTSIG event with Paul Driver
an unconference/ barcamp hosted by Vance Stevens
the ELTONs sneak preview
a musical rap performance
machinima cinema time

How can I attend?

The web conference takes place online in a web conference solution called Adobe Connect. For an Adobe Connect system and connection test click here. There are different rooms so watch out for right link. Links are mentioned on the conference program. Seats are limited in Adobe Connect and it is advisable that you come early.

ARTHUR (Main Venue): http://lancelot.adobeconnect.com/arthur
MERLIN: http://lancelot.adobeconnect.com/merlin
TRISTAN: http://lancelot.adobeconnect.com/tristan
AVALON: http://lancelot.adobeconnect.com/avalon
CAMELOT: http://lancelot.adobeconnect.com/camelot

When you click on the links mentioned in the program, you do not need to install any software. Please enter as guest. Simply type your name and your city, for example 'John Smith (Illinois)'. You can also enter with your Twitter handle, even better.

For further information to help you have a great conference experience....

[HOME] http://www.virtual-round-table.com

[PROGRAM] http://tinyurl.com/6vrtwebconprogram

[SPONSORS/EXHIBITORS] http://www.virtual-round-table.com/page/sponsors-and-exhibitors

[FAQs] http://www.virtual-round-table.com/page/faqs

[CERTIFICATES OF ATTENDANCE] http://vrtwebcon.eventbrite.com

[RECORDINGS] http://www.virtual-round-table.com/profiles/blog/list

[ABOUT] http://www.virtual-round-table.com/page/about-virtual-round-table

We are looking forward to meeting you live and online.

Heike Philp, let’s talk online sprl, Shelly Sanchez Terrell,  Berni Wall, RLI Gapfiller, Steven Herder, iTDi, Jennifer Verschoor, ARCALL

Visit Virtual Round Table Web Conference at: http://www.virtual-round-table.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

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